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So you have decided to sell your pride and joy and either step back from boating or go full steam ahead and upgrade to something larger or different, such as a racing yacht or powerboat. Whatever the reason the team at Minter Marine is here to help. We offer a full range of advertising, marketing services to ensure you get the best result in a timely manner.

So what will it cost?

There are no costs upfront unless you wish to buy additional advertising. Ask for other publications we recommend. Our commissions are set by the Marine Brokers Association whereby the vendor pays the broker a commission only on the successful sale of the vessel.

$50,000 to $99,999 8% + GST

$100,000 to $199,999 7% + GST

$200,000 to $299,999 6% + GST

$300,000 and over 5% + GST

Help us to help you sell your boat

What can you do to help the process? If you take the real estate jargon to the boating world, it is not “location, location, location”, but alternatively “condition, condition, condition”. Condition is king when it comes to buying and selling boats. Unlike cars which can be easily valued depending on factors such as age, engine, color etc, boats do not conform to the same easily applied rule. First impressions are the most important thing in selling your boat, along with routine maintenance issues, keeping the boat clean and tidy (clutter free) takes some effort.

Things to do

Keep the boat clean, uncluttered and presentable. Clean your boat. Be careful not to just do a cosmetic job. Buyers have the habit of looking in nooks and crannies that you may not have seen since you bought the boat. If you are serious about selling the boat, have it looking its best, spend the time (or money) having it thoroughly cleaned from tip to toe and keep it that way while it’s on the market. (we can recommend cleaners should you require)

Listing equipment: Do not list equipment on the specification sheet if it is in poor condition or does not work. If something is broken, repair it or take it off the boat.

Availability: We recognize that it is your boat and after all you still may want to go off into the big blue. Please do let us know in advance (if possible) if you are planning to take your boat out. After all we can’t sell it if its not there.
Service Manuals: Any information to back up the boat has been well maintained will help you sell her. If possible leave copies of any paperwork including service history with us to display to buyers.

Trust us: After all we are here to help you. Ask us, “what can I do that’s not too expensive to help get the best price for my boat”? We know what we are talking about and it is often easy for us to see small things that can make a big difference.

The last word: No boats are guaranteed to sell fast, even if everything is in tip top condition and smells of freshly cut roses. There is no magic formula to tell how long a boat will take to sell, but generally boats stay on the market too long for two reasons, is there something wrong with the boat, maybe the boat is over priced.

Get your boat ready!

  • Have us value it, we act for Club Marine Insurance
  • Fill out an Authority To Sell
  • Pay any additional advertising you may want 
  • Keep the boat clean and tidy and available

Enquire now

If you are considering selling or trading your boat please feel free to fill out your details below and one of our brokers will be in contact shortly. In the meantime please free to ask for an obligation-free market appraisal as we are Club Marine agents and would be happy to assist you.

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