Gullsweep Kit (3 feet)

gullsweep (1).jpg
gullsweep (1).jpg

Gullsweep Kit (3 feet)


Gullsweep 3’ – complete with stainless steel pin, permanent low-profile mounting bracket and retainer kit.

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Gullsweep Kit (3 feet) – complete with stainless steel pin and permanent low-profile mounting bracket and retainer kit

Eliminate cleaning time & unsightly stains from birds.
Makes boating more enjoyable.
Easy to install (2 screws) or quick non-permanent mountings are available.
Works while you are away to deter those pesty birds.
Sweeps a full 3′ diameter & intimidates birds with it’s movement.
You may consider a second or third unit for full boat coverage.
Do not run boat with Gullsweep in place. Remove & store away.
Been tested to perform in winds as high as 60 mph.
To store away, fold in half and snap vanes on top of support rods.

Weight: 0.300 kg

Dimensions: 54 x 12 x 4 cm